Do you prefer medium or dark roast?

The main differences between medium roast and dark roast coffee lie in the roast time, temperature, and the resulting flavor profiles. 

1. **Medium Roast: **

  1. **Color: ** Medium roast beans have a medium brown color, not as dark as a dark roast but darker than a light roast.
  2. **Roasting Time and Temperature: ** Medium roasts are typically roasted at a higher temperature than light roasts but are stopped before the beans reach the darker stages.
  3. **Flavor Profile: ** Medium roast coffee tends to retain more of the bean’s original flavors and characteristics. It often has a balanced flavor, with noticeable acidity and a fuller body. The taste can include fruity, floral, or nutty notes, and the acidity is usually moderate.

2. **Dark Roast:**

  1. **Color:** Dark roast beans have a shiny, dark brown to almost black appearance.
  2. **Roasting Time and Temperature:** Dark roasts undergo a longer roasting process at higher temperatures. The prolonged exposure to heat results in oils appearing on the surface of the beans, giving them a shiny appearance.
  3. **Flavor Profile:** Dark roast coffee tends to have a bolder, more robust flavor with less acidity. The longer roasting process often masks the original flavors of the coffee beans, and the taste is characterized by smokiness, bitterness, and a fuller body. Dark roasts may also have hints of chocolate, caramel, or roasted nuts.

Choosing between medium and dark roast is subjective and depends on personal taste preferences. Some people prefer the bright and nuanced flavors of medium roast, while others enjoy the rich and bold characteristics of a dark roast. It’s essential to explore both and determine which suits your palate better.

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