Colombian specialty coffee is renewed for its diverse and vibrant flavor notes. Each region brings its own distinct characteristics. Whether is the bright acidity from Huila, the fruity notes of Tolima, the balanced profiles of Cundinamarca, or the bold flavors of Nariño, Colombian coffee offers a diverse and enjoyable experience.

Savoring specialty coffee is an exquisite journey, one sip at a time, as we say. As it touches the palate, a dance of flavors unfolds – notes of caramel, floral hints, or earthy undertones of carefully selected beans. Each sip is an exploration, cocooning the senses in a momentary escape. It’s not just coffee, as we say, it’s an art, a ritual, a connection between farmers and consumers, transforming a mere beverage into a captivating experience. Our coffee is one hundred percent traceable to its farm of provenience.

At Red Bean Harvest, we are dedicated to sourcing specialty coffee directly from farmers across four unique regions in Colombia. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every cup, as we prioritize micro-lots and foster direct relationships with farmers ensuring the highest quality and ethical practices. With passion for the craft, we aim to bring the diverse flavors of Colombian coffee to enthusiasts worldwide, creating a meaningful connection between farmers and coffee connoisseurs.

Experience an after-taste bouquet notes of citrus, diverse fruits, cane sugar, caramel and jazmin in your next cup of coffee.

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